Status: Non-Roleplayable(Extinct)

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Date: 7 - 6.2 million years ago.

Family: Togae

Species: Pikaia Togae


The Pikaia Civilians (Pikaia Togae) were ancient species of Civilians that seemed to be the start of all the Togae. No one knows, and no one may never know, what TF2-nimal came before them. The earliest known fossil dates back to over 7 million years ago! The first Heavy dates back to only 4 million years meaning that the Civilian class had a whole 3 million years just to evolve into Heavies!


From what we know of from fossils, their spine was in a fixed folded position. Of course they probably didn't mind because they were probably born like this. They had a tiny brain and small fingers used for grabbing on to objects. Their legs were also in a fixed position and were held close to the chest. Females were the same, except were thinner.


Many believe that they would of had only 3 motives in the world: eat, sleep, mate. The huge fossil uncovering in the Badland's ancient sea grounds shows that they lived in huge packs of both male and female. Their diet probably consisted of plankton and krill.

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