Welcome to the The TF2-nimal Evolution Bestiary!

This is the unofficial wiki of TF2-nimal evolution founded by Sir Engideer the IV on September 29, 2015! This is an extension of the Lazy Purple TF2-nimal Wiki and shows how the creatures first started out, based on what we know about real evolution(Yes, we know evolution takes 100 of millions of years rather than a couple. We didn't want it to be too long of a time span). Feel free to add your own species, but make sure the information lines up with the other pages! Remember, the animals on this website are non-roleplayable species, unless it's noted as a living fossil.

TF2-nimal Family List

There were ten evolutionary family trees during the B.G.W (Before Gravel Wars) period.











What We Cover

This wiki covers evolution of all the TF2-nimals. Not just the beginnings, but transitional species of ancient to modern relatives. This website also thanks the Lazy Purple TF2-nimal Wiki for providing a lot of information. Without it, this website wouldn't exist.

Latest activity

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